From the builders of the pyramids to the heroes of Chanukah, and from the 300 brave Spartans to the wit and wisdom of Socrates, Jim Weiss opens the worlds of ancient history and mythology to your child.

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  • Jim Weiss Egypt and Ancient Greece Bundle $59.80
  • Bible Stories: Great Men and Women from Noah through Solomon $10.95$14.95
  • Courage and a Clear Mind $10.95$14.95
  • Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths $10.95$14.95
  • Galileo and the Stargazers $10.95$14.95
  • Greek Myths $10.95$14.95
  • Sale! Heroes in Mythology $6.58$10.95
  • Jewish Holiday Stories $10.95$14.95
  • Julius Caesar and the Story of Rome $10.95$14.95
  • Pharaohs and Queens of Ancient Egypt $10.95$14.95
  • Sale! She & He: Adventures in Mythology $6.58$10.95
  • A Treasury of Wisdom: Stories of Hope and Inspiration $10.95$14.95