Companion Readers

Jim Weiss has been a home school favorite for decades. Now, Well-Trained Mind Press has teamed up with him to give you a new way to use his stories!

The first half of each beautifully illustrated book is a word-for-word transcript of Jim Weiss’s performance. Students can improve their reading fluency, their vocabulary, and their
understanding of punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar by following along as Jim performs these words. Even students who are not reading at the level represented in this book
can be moved forward in reading competency by reading along as Jim speaks the words.

But the fun and learning don’t end when the story is over! We’ve also turned Jim’s tales into dramatic versions that can be performed by two or more actors–puppet plays, radio plays, stage plays, and more! The plays can be memorized or read from the scripts; either way, students will begin to gain confidence in their own language use and in their ability to speak in front of others.