Grammar & Spelling Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind: How the Program Works, Introducing Blue

In this video, Susan Wise Bauer and Grammar Teacher and Author Jessica Otto walk you through how Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind works. They also introduce you to the

Articles & Videos Where Do I Start With Grammar?

When beginning a homeschooling grammar program, you probably wonder what curriculum would be best for you. Let us help you figure out where to begin, if you’re using one of our great options: First Language…

Articles & Videos Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind: New Titles, Same Great Curriculum

Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind is a four-year grammar program designed for students fifth grade and above. New students may take more than one year to get through their first Workbook. Once a student has…

Art & Music Why Poetry?

The following was written as an introduction to Jim’s new two-volume collection of classic poems, now available from Well-Trained Mind Press. This is a collection of wonderful words. Oh, not all of them would seem…

Articles & Videos Teaching Tips for Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind

Susan provides several tips for getting the most out of our grammar curriculum, Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind. Check out our other videos for Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind: Introducing Grammar … Read more »

How To Do It: Training Your Child's Mind Without Losing Your Own How to Teach Your Wiggly Preschooler Math

Preschoolers are a ton of fun. They’re energetic, curious, and immensely proud of their new skills and abilities. But their short attention spans and high energy levels can make it difficult to get these sweet wiggly little…

Articles & Videos Why Do Six-Year-Olds Go to First Grade?

In contemporary education, “What grade are you in?” has become synonymous with “How old are you?”  But the age grading system that shoves six-year-olds into first grade, seven-year-olds into second, and so on up isn’t…

Methods & Approaches Joy of Classical Education: An Audio Workshop

In this 70-minute audio workshop, Dr. Susan Wise Bauer, a parent and educator, gives a user-friendly explanation of classical education and a road map for those interested in getting started.

Methods & Approaches Goals for Each Stage of Science Learning

How should you set objectives for advancement in classical learning?

Methods & Approaches When Should I Use Online Classes?

When is the best time to give some outside approaches for learning?