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4 thoughts on “The Well-Trained Mind Community

  1. My 1999 ed. of WTM recommends Introductory Logic and Intermediate Logic for 6th and 7th grades. Can anyone tell me if that is the recommendation in the current edition before I purchase them?

    Thanks so much!

    1. The recommendations for formal logic in 6-8th grade, from the 2016 edition, are: Martin Cothran, Traditional Logic (Memoria Press), or Joelle Hodge/Aaron Larsen/Shelly Johnson, The Discovery of Deduction (Classical Academic Press). Please note that “Traditional Logic” sometimes draws from Christian writings, whereas “The Discovery of Deduction” mostly does not.

  2. I am homeschooling my son this year and he is in first grade. I have noticed that he is having some issues and want to get him tested for dyslexia and in some other areas. Unfortunately, our health insurance has currently lapsed, so I can’t reach out to his pediatrician at this time.

    Can anyone suggest any resources to get him tested virtually or point me in the right direction in other ways?
    I want to make sure I get him the help he needs and am glad that I was able to see what is going on with him.

    Thanks in advance!

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