The Rest of the Story

Once you start reading a story, especially if it’s a good one, you don’t want to stop until you have reached the end and found out what happens. You don’t want to waste a single minute when you could be reading that story. Some of us spent our childhoods running into trees, fire hydrants, and complete strangers, because we were too busy reading to watch where we were going.

Now imagine if some of your favorite stories had been cut off midway through:

  • And so Princess Buttercup married Prince Humperdinck, and no one stopped the wedding ceremony.
  • “Whew! I’ve survived my very first Hunger Games!” said Katniss. “I’m glad that’s all over, and now I can get back to my normal, uneventful life in District 12.”
  • Now that she had told Mr. Darcy how little she esteemed him, Elizabeth Bennet looked forward to the attentions of that dashing Mr. Wickham.

Not quite as good, right?

History is the same way! When it’s being told as an exciting story, as in Susan Wise Bauer’s The Story of the World series, you and your kids will be on the edge of your seats to find out what happens next: to Caesar*, to Joan of Arc**, to the combatants of the Second World War***. You won’t want to waste a minute looking for the next book.

To ensure that you don’t get caught in such cliffhangers, you should get the whole series at once, in one handy bundle…and save $8.85 over the price of the individual volumes!

The Story of the World Text Bundle: Don’t miss a minute of the story!


*He has a very bad day at the office.

**Burned at the stake, but posthumously declared innocent, so…yay?

***We win! USA! USA!*

*Well, OK, we got maybe just a pinch of help from the rest of the world.


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