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Melissa Moore
Melissa Moore

For parents who want to take charge of their child’s education, we recommend Rethinking School, by Dr. Susan Wise Bauer.

From communicating with teachers to helping gifted or struggling students, Rethinking School provides smart, up-to-date, inspiring, and compassionate guidance.

Looking to help your child in a particular subject area?

Elementary Math

Our resident math expert, Kate Snow, has lots of articles & videos to help you teach your children with confidence:


  • For Young Readers: Jessie Wise, a nationally-recognized homeschool expert and author of The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, provides this list of good books for beginning readers to try. 
  • For Older Readers: A list of Great Books, arranged chronologically, with discussion questions and reading tips. Working through this list not only introduces your child to wonderful literature; it also walks her through world history.

History & Biography

Master storyteller Jim Weiss offers a wide array of audiobooks for young listeners, telling the stories of women & men whose courage, perseverance, and curiosity changed the course of history. These make a wonderful supplement to a student’s existing history program.

Wanting to Connect With Other Parents for Advice & Answers?

Check out our huge online forums, where thousands of parents in a wide variety of situations (homeschool, traditional brick-and-mortar school, hybrid schooling) share experience, resources, tips, and commiseration–and the occasional brownie recipe.

Looking for Online Classes? 

The Well-Trained Mind Academy offers a wide variety of high school, middle school, and upper elementary classes taught by instructors with years of experience in distance learning. Learn more about the Academy here.

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Melissa Moore


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