Just in Time for Mother’s Day!

You know that perfect mom whose life and family are just as she’d dreamed they’d be?

Yeah, we don’t know any, either.

Instead of wishing you were her, why not read some honest, poignant, funny, insightful poems from a mother who has actually used the phrase, “Take that French fry out of your sister’s ear, or so help me I’m ramming this minivan into a tree”?

What it Is is Beautiful is the only Well-Trained Press book that contains the word “mucus,” unless you count Susan Wise Bauer’s little-known debut novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Allergies.

When you give this book to a young mom for Mother’s Day, her eyes will sparkle with the recognition of a kindred spirit and comrade. Or perhaps her eyes will be sparkling because one of her children just threw glitter in her face. But either way, you’ll know that you’ve given her a gift she’ll cherish.

Available in paperback or digital download!


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