Are You Science-ing Right?

Remember to teach your children the 5 Steps of the Scientific Method:

  • Make an Observation
  • Ask a Question
  • Form a Hypothesis
  • Test the Hypothesis
  • Get a Baffling Result
  • Check Wikipedia
  • Get Distracted by Wikipedia for 15 Minutes*
  • Test the Hypothesis Again
  • Apologize to the Neighbors for the Broken Window
  • Forget What the Original Hypothesis Was
  • Try Googling the Answer
  • Talk to the Nice Man from the F.B.I. because you Googled a Suspicious Search Term
  • Observe Daddy Walking in and saying “You guys only did ONE subject today???”
  • Sit Quietly While Mommy Grinds Her Jaw.

To learn more about how the scientific method was invented, check out Susan Wise Bauer’s The History of Western Science: From the Writings of Aristotle to the Big Bang Theory.


*15 minutes f you’re lucky. Realistically, it’ll be more like 45 because–hey, did you know that when Aaron Burr’s wife divorced him, her lawyer was the son of Alexander Hamilton, who’d been killed by Burr in a duel?


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